Snoring Treatment in Weston Florida

In Weston, as in the rest of the country, we have been conditioned to associate snoring with deep sleeping. The vernacular for going to sleep is to “catch some Zs” the cartoon symbol for snoring. The fact is the act of snoring is the sound of a partially blocked airway. Eventually the snoring, or gasping, will result in an “awakening” to restore a normal breathing pattern. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, which is a serious health issue and needs treatment.

In addition to frequent and loud snoring, symptoms of sleep apnea include morning headaches, daytime fatigue, trouble concentrating and even depression. Sleep apnea is caused when the tongue and/or soft tissue of the palate collapse and partially block the airway. This blockage reduces the flow of oxygen in the blood stream which can initiate a stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and contributes to the onset of other conditions such as diabetes and obesity all of which can be life threatening.

Treat Your Snoring – See Your Weston Dentist

Dr. Stephen J. Pyle, Weston’s first dentist, offers an effective therapy that ends snoring and the attending health risks using a small dental appliance that resembles a sports guard that is worn at night. This oral appliance slightly repositions the lower jaw preventing blockages, which in turn eliminates the need for snoring or gasping.

The appliance is custom designed, fits comfortably in your mouth, does not impair normal speaking and is effective in over 90% of the patients that use it. The appliances offered by our Weston dental practice are covered by most insurance companies including Medicare.

Dr. Pyle is certified to provide this therapy and he conforms to all standards established by The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. While a dentist cannot diagnose sleep apnea Dr. Pyle can scan for the condition and refer you to a sleep disorder specialist. He regularly works closely with a patient’s physician to provide optimal results from the oral appliance therapy.

If you are experiencing heavy snoring or any of the other symptoms of sleep apnea, call our Weston dental office today for a sleep apnea scan and evaluation.

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