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Dear Dr. Pyle & Team:
There are no words I can use to express my gratitude for my apnea mouthpiece. Things like “incredulous”, “amazing”, “new life” are a few that come to mind.
From the very first night that I slept with my mouthpiece I woke up a new person… I feel like my life has been given back to me… I didn’t wake up wanting to cry from exhaustion; bone weary exhaustion. I was exhilarated, energetic, happy, clear thinking & my sister wanted to kill me at 6:30am as i ‘bounced’ out of bed. Absolutely a magical feeling!
I can’t imagine EVER not wearing my mouthpiece again…. I won’t even check it in my luggage when i travel – I hand carry it!
I no longer believe that I have the early onset of ‘dementia and/or Alzheimer’ symptoms, that was a very scary and continual thought over the past year as my forgetfulness progressed. I guess the increased oxygen in my body now truly does work!!!!
I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration to consider, study, proceed, and implement this apnea mouthpiece practice into my life.
My life is my own again and I actually feel whole! THANK YOU!!!! Lisa

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