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Tina M.

Restoring my Faith in Sleep Apnea Dentistry (Patient since 2017)
I am a new sleep apnea patient in this office. After suffering for over 6 years with constant fatigue from numerous cpap add-ons, and then maintaining an oral appliance that constantly failed, I contacted Dr. Pyle’s office. I was extremely impressed by his knowledgeable office staff, and I knew that the Dentist had to be behind the office culture. I wasn’t wrong. After having visited several “sleep apnea dentists” in the S. FL area, I had almost given up on resolving my apnea problems, and I was resigning myself to an inevitable future of dangerous apnea related problems. Now, I am optimistic again! Dr. Pyle, who has sleep apnea himself, just exudes knowledge, self-confidence and caring to his apnea patients. Did I omit patience? That too! He is well trained, understands the medical aspects of sleep apnea, and is not pushing apnea devices as a sideline for profits. My new device just gave me the best night’s sleep I have had in almost 18 months!

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